Stuart Hallifax

Stuart Hallifax

A PhD student based in Lyon - France

Research Papers

International conferences with peer review

To tailor or not to tailor gamification? An analysis of the impact of tailored game elements on learners’ behaviours and motivation

Hallifax, S., Lavoue E. & Serna A.

AIED 2020 (International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education)

Factors to Consider for Tailored Gamification"

Hallifax, S., Serna, A., Marty, J. C., Lavoue G., & Lavoue E.

CHI PLAY'19 (Annual symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play)

Structural Gamification for Adaptation based on Learning Analytics

Hallifax, S., Lavoué, E., Serna, A., & Marty, J. C.

EARLI 2019

A Design Space For Meaningful Structural Gamification

Hallifax, S., Serna, A., Marty, J. C., & Lavoue E.

CHI'18 (ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems)

Creation of GBL scenarios for multi-device environments

Hallifax, S., Sehaba, K., Encelle, B., & Marty, J. C.

European Conference on Games Based Learning (p. 256). Academic Conferences International Limited.

Conférences Francophones

DMsAG une classification d’éléments ludiques pour la ludification adaptative

Hallifax, S.

RJC EIAH 2018 (Rencontre des Jeunes Chercheurs en EIAH)

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